UV-i Intelligent Polish – The At Home Gel Manicure

iCraveBeauty - ICB UV-i Intelligent Polish - The At Home Gel Manicure

Get A Salon Professional UV Gel Manicure
At Home With UV-i Intelligent Polish

UV-i Is A Strong, Robust And Chip-Free Gel Polish Manicure by iCraveBeauty. Experience Rapid Drying Times, Superior Colour And A Mirror Shine For 14 Days.

  • Easy to apply with a lightening fast drying time
  • Strong, robust and chip-free gel polish manicure
  • Flawless smooth and shiny mirror finish
  • Protective of your nails and lasts for up to 14 Days
  • Removes within minutes with little effort

Set it and forget it with UV-i Intelligent Polish – The At Home Gel Manicure

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iCraveBeauty - UV-i Professional Starter Kits

UV-i Gel Nail Pro Dryer

Everything You Need! – Our pro UV-i Gel Nail Dryer is perfect for your at home gel manicure. Easy-to-use hands-free curing, great for your gel polish manicure.

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UV-i Gel Colours

High shine, high fashion – 14 days of flawless colour with zero-drying time and easy removal? That’s smart!  Now available in 35 trend-setting gel polish shades.

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iCraveBeauty - UV-i Colour Range

UV-i Colour Collections

Nails that are  dressed to impress – Indulge in our palette of high-fashion gel polish manicure hues and set your own trends at home within minutes.

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iCraveBeauty - UV-i How to Guide

How to Apply ICB UV-i

Only the best will do – Learn the tricks of the trade and read our professional guide to learn how to apply gel nail polish and get those high-fashion nails.

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About UV-i Intelligent Polish© – The At Home Gel Manicure

At iCraveBeauty we’ve been working hard to develop UV-i Intelligent Polish; a new and revolutionary Hybrid Gel Polish Manicure which is robust, chip-free and protects your nails for up to two weeks.

Unlike other forms of nail polish which can leave your nails weakened and prone to peeling or breaking, UV-i Intelligent Polish protects and strengthens the nail surface with its microscopic honeycomb structure when dry. This intelligent structure is super strong yet allows your nails to breathe and stay hydrated as normal.

UV-i Intelligent Polish is specially formulated to cure (dry) lightening fast under ultra violet (UV) or LED light. UV-i can be used with any dryer, but using in conjunction with our purpose made UV-i Dryer dramatically reduces the time required to expose your nails to ultra violet light – as little as 20 seconds between layers.

When it’s time to remove, simply soak off the polish with a gel nail polish remover for as little as 5 minutes*.

UV-i Intelligent Polish makes the perfect gel manicure easy and affordable, and with the fastest drying time around it’ll soon power the beauty of your hands.

*Removal time depends on the thickness of the applied polish.

Our Customers Say:

“As a hairdresser my hands and nails endure some tough conditions; from being in and out of water all day to extreme the temperatures from various appliances, my hands bear the brunt of it all. Two weeks after applying ICB UV-i Intelligent Polish my nails were still as good as new – no chips, no pealing, just perfect.”

Nicole G, Hair Dresser, Rush Hair